CICM actively seeks expert input from DRC and international parties in government, multilateral agencies, financial institutions, industry experts, small/medium/large businesses, academia, faith organizations and any other civil society groups that can actively assist helping structure/implement viable project Business Plans/Feasibility Studies in/with DR Congo.

US Advisory Team

Stephen Wynne

President, Brazil US Infrastructure Capital Management, Inc  

Warren Te Brugge
President & CEO,
Manzimvula Ventures, Inc

Mike Letcher
The Mercer Group, Inc Senior Vice President, Assistant Professor of Practice University of Arizona President/CEO of Bridge Group LLC

Jeri L. Jensen
Principal, Business Driven Development, LLC

Nathaniel Houghton
Founder and CEO
Congo Leadership Initiative

Prosper M. Panumpabi
Power Research Engineer

Information Trust Institute

University of Illinois

Daniel H. Simpson
Associate Editor, Member of the Editorial Board
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade

Edwin L. Barber III
Senior Advisor, African Development

GoodWorks International

Ken Rock, PMP

Sr. Project Manager

ICF International

Angelle B. Kwemo
President & CEO

A StrategiK Group LLC

Efrem Fisher

Associate Director 

Veracity Worldwide

Dr. Eyamba G. Bokamba

Director, Program in African Languages (PAL)   

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Dennis O’Leary
Chairman of the Board

Global System Dynamics Inc

Nikolaus Eichman
Head of New Business Development, Agribusiness and Public Private Partnership (PPP) Specialist

Dr. Annie Kinwa-Muzinga
rofessor and Agri-business Program Director

University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Multilateral Institutions Advisory Team

Kathleen Charles
Executive Director 

International Agribusiness Finance and Investment

​​​James Leigland, PhD

Senior Technical Advisor

Private Infrastructure Development Group  

​Guy Pfeffermann

Founder and CEO

Global Business School Network

Praful Patel
​President of Centennial Africa and Middle East
Former World Bank Vice President, South Asia

Dr. Anumakonda Jagadeesh


Nayudamma Centre for Development Alternatives

Wale Adekunle, PhD
Director for the Sub- Saharan Africa Challenge Program (SSA CP) and  Partnerships and Strategic Alliances with FARA

Lorenzo Cossato
Cossato Consulting

Democratic Republic of the Congo Advisory Team

Donatien Kasseyet Kalume
, Axcess, DRC

Director of ARMP and FEC

Vice President at SAC

Tshitembo Muleng Clement

Lawyer, Consultant 

Clement Vununu Pemba

José Bakima, PhD

Agronomist and Consultant 

Chikez Diemu

Former Minister of Defense and War veterans

Former Deputy Governor, Katanga Province

Jules César Ibula Mwana Katakanga

Managing Director  BEGES and BECAS

President, SCTP (ONATRA)

Ferdinand Mushi, PhD

Professor, University of Lubumbashi

Makwa Joss Malinga

Alain Buhendwa


Kingkuba Capital (KKC)

Vikas Sharma
Yelo and Liberty SPRL (DRC)

Leny Ilondo Elongu

Managing Director